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Wednesday, March 23

Pregnancy Complication: Preeclampsia

"If you are pregnant, it is important to watch out for symptoms which might be preeclampsia as it is the leading known cause in the world of maternal and infant death. Preeclampsia is a hypertension disorder that appears only during (usually after the 20th week) and up to several weeks after pregnancy." From http://www.medicalmalpractice.com/.

I didn't get preeclampsia....I was lucky. My friend did.

However, hers went undiagnosed until she was 37 Weeks pregnant. Her doctors didn't listen to her symptoms and belittled her fears. She went to the hospital numerous times during her last trimester because she couldn't feel the baby moving. Her high blood pressure at every visit was dismissed as "white coat syndrome". She clearly had some issues that her doctor dismissed and shouldn't have. She was lucky it didn't kill her or her child, but she delivered a 3 pound baby at 37 weeks gestation. Babycenter.com states most babies weigh 6.3 pounds if delivered at 37 weeks.

For her full story go to her blog, http://avoiceformychildren.blogspot.com/.

Please be an advocate for yourself and your baby. No, you probably aren't a doctor. Sure, you may feel your already being an obsessed and overly worried mother. Who cares? Speak up for yourself and your unborn baby! Demand tests and seek second opinions.

ALSO: My friend in this story will be participating in the March of Dimes to help advocate for healthy, full-term babies. Support or join her by clicking here.


maria said...

oh that's horrible that her doctor didn't listen to her. it is always better to be safe and over worried. and always follow ur instincts when it come to ur kids. i think we're granted certain psychic powers once we become moms.

Ashley said...

That is scary...When I was pregnant with Madison I called and went in for just about EVERYTHING, but that may have been because my first pregnancy I had a stillborn baby girl, so I was pretty much a wreck for Madison's entire pregnancy. Whe...n I went to see my Dr., she took everything I said, all of my fears etc. seriously. She'd run every test even if the odds of it actually being the cause were low. I can't imagine going through a pregnancy (especially a first one) and your Dr. not taking you seriously-damn it, you pay for the care, you better get the care you pay for!! ;-) Good blog, oh and my family has been a part of March of Dimes for many years (my Aunt and Uncle were twins and their combined weight was 2 pounds, so since then my Papa-while he was alive-supported March of Dimes and had a charity even every year). Totally a worthwhile charity--children are our future, help them come into this world healthy!! ;-)

Lacey said...

Doctors think they know everything, but they are just "practicing medicine". I switched doctors three times till I found someone who would listen to me.