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If you're looking for me to brag about how cute my kids are (which they are) or talk about how much weight I did or didn't lose this week, you are in the wrong place! I have a Facebook account for that. This blog is about the blunt truths of parenting, tips and tricks of the trade, some addicting mommy junk and all the other disgusting hilarity that ensues when you have kids...especially two kids only 12 months apart like myself.

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Wednesday, March 9

Bubbi Makes Two

Boo was a great baby...maybe even too good as we like to blame him for his sister being conceived. He started sleeping over ten hours straight by 2.5 months. Josh and I had agreed not to prevent baby number two, but it was a moot issue anyways as Boo was Edward Scissorhead and getting pregnant was not even a possibility for the first ten weeks. After our first successful rendezvous during one of Boo's 10 hour sleep marathons I decided it was probably a better idea to start the pill. Well, first time's a charm and when Boo was just over 3 months old I walked into the living room and gagged when I smelled Josh's coffee with vanilla creamer (what I'm drinking now mind you). I panicked and tossed him Boo while I ran to pee on a stick. The yes line was darker than the test line with in seconds. OMG here we go again!!!!

Josh and I were both in shock for a bit (I'd say the first trimester), but agreed we had decided we did want two close together. We giggled when we found out our little Bubbi was due on Boo's first birthday to the day! Irish Twins here we come....

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