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If you're looking for me to brag about how cute my kids are (which they are) or talk about how much weight I did or didn't lose this week, you are in the wrong place! I have a Facebook account for that. This blog is about the blunt truths of parenting, tips and tricks of the trade, some addicting mommy junk and all the other disgusting hilarity that ensues when you have kids...especially two kids only 12 months apart like myself.

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Monday, March 7

Love my Lemurs

As I sit here and type while enjoying the quiet of the house (ok, the sound of the washer and dryer busy at work) I find it hard not to glow when I think about my two sleeping lemurs (story for another day). How did I get so lucky? Boo is so deeply sweet, kind and truly smart. He's my handsome little people pleaser. And Bubbi? She is a feisty one while so loving, playful and full of life...not to mention that gorgeous little face and white ringlet hair. Parenting seems to be getting more and more rewarding everyday!

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