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If you're looking for me to brag about how cute my kids are (which they are) or talk about how much weight I did or didn't lose this week, you are in the wrong place! I have a Facebook account for that. This blog is about the blunt truths of parenting, tips and tricks of the trade, some addicting mommy junk and all the other disgusting hilarity that ensues when you have kids...especially two kids only 12 months apart like myself.

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Friday, March 11

Awesome things moms should have!

Weekly Menu Planner -
I think if I publicly committed to it perhaps it might actually happen...plus its cute.

Monthly Belly Stickers -
Too late for me, but would have SOOO helped my sad baby book.

The Mommy Hook -
A personal favorite...also great for the shopping cart.

Recordable Books -
I kick my butt almost every day for only "thinking" about having my dad do
one for the kids and not actually having him do it before he died.

Beaba Baby Cook -
I didn't jump on this bandwagon until Bubbi was almost one,
however I STILL use it all the time to steam veggies etc.

A Great Bow Lady -
I started out wasting my money at local boutiques when they just buy from local bow ladies!
Here is my personal favorites...and she is great about custom orders!!!

And a few things every mom needs, but doesn't include links and pictures -
Good Friends,
A Good Sitter and