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If you're looking for me to brag about how cute my kids are (which they are) or talk about how much weight I did or didn't lose this week, you are in the wrong place! I have a Facebook account for that. This blog is about the blunt truths of parenting, tips and tricks of the trade, some addicting mommy junk and all the other disgusting hilarity that ensues when you have kids...especially two kids only 12 months apart like myself.

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Friday, March 18

Great Tips and Tricks: What baby book?

If you're anything like me, your kid's baby book isn't much more than a messy stack of doctor reports and a baby shower invitation. Or maybe your second child (or third...) is the one with the POS for a remembrance (poor Bubbi).

Think those special dates and memories are lost forever in a mind that fails you in remembering to pack a a few extra diapers? Well, they are in your poor excuse for a brain, but they aren't in cyber space! Go back over your emails and Facebook posts and you will find TONS of fabulous info regarding lots of milestones and funnies your precious little one/s made over the years! An added bonus will be some cute candids you uploaded as well...

Here are a few memories from my personal Facebook history:

 "always know I'm driving a little too wild when bubbi throws her hands up and shouts weeeeeeeee"

"omg sooo sweet! mason is singing "hello to mommy...I love u" over and over again to the tune of the music together opening song! too bad he's supposed to be napping"

Poor Boo!

Where's Bubbi?

Play Lipstick!

Two Peas in a Pod

Lolipop Monster


lacey said...

Absolutely CUTE! Reminds me to get back at the girls books.

Anonymous said...

I took it the other way! No rush...its already in type...ugg

maria said...

I have boxes for each of the boys that I throw things in that I tell myself I will put into baby books for them. Gio is 5 and I still haven't started his. I'm a picture whore so I have tons of pics - just hope my comp doesn't crash or else there goes all of them. Lol. But upload all of them to shutterfly so thank goodness for the Internet :-)

Mighty M said...

"Wheeeeeee!". Love it!

Great tips to recall some awesome memories.