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Sunday, April 3

Preschool: Not a yes or no question

In my opinion, preschool isn't a yes or no question...its a must.

As a parent you can teach your child all the book smarts they would learn in a preschool. Sure you might need to buy supplies and make a written plan to cover all your topics (so basically be a total type A), but a parent could definitely teach a kid their colors and ABCs.

It is a fact in Child Development that socialization facilitates learning. Now something a parent cannot do with their kids at home is provide comparable social benefits of preschool. I am that type A mom when it comes to socializing my kids. We go to group play dates with kids the same age, we go to group play dates with a kids of ranging ages, we go to one on one play dates, we go to art classes, kids gym classes etc.

None of these can truly offer what iVillage describes as "learning to live in a classroom; they learn to follow a routine, and to get along with people who aren't their relatives". Kids need to learn to listen to authority figures beyond family and friends (isn't that what we do most of our lives in school and work). I truly believe preschool is a necessity for emotional, personal and social development.

Beyond the pure social benefits, preschool provides large language benefits. Mommy is usually the translator for the rest of the world when a young child is talking. Without mommy at their side, students are forced to work on their pronunciation.

I could go on and on about the benefits, but these are my personal main selling points.

I do however have what I will call a "stress benefit clause". If you start your kid in preschool and they just scream and cry the whole time even after a few weeks, the harm from the stress it is causing is outweighing any good. They aren't ready so don't force them!

I also have a strong opinion on one verse two years and how to pick a good preschool, but we'll save that for another day!


Not a Perfect Mom said...

I love preschool!! and my kids love it too, so we all win...
I do 3 days at three and 5 days at four...
not only do I think kids need it, it's such a good kinder prep, but mommy needs a break...
I'm always shocked by the parents who don't send their kids, why not?
I am sooooo pro preschool

bubbi and boo said...

Holly, what actually prompted me to write this was a stay at home mom who told me she isn't sending her kids to preschool bc she doesn't have to! WTF?

Palak said...

I totally agree Ramona. Neel goes to preshool couple days (3 hours/day)for past one year, the only thing has not imporved much is his english speaking skill. He speaks fluntely in our native language. Not sure what else can be done other than talking with him in english at home.

bubbi and boo said...

Palak - I wouldn't worry about it too much. Once he starts school full time he should catch on quickly. If anything, he might stop speaking your language (forget it or refuse to speak it at som point). Maybe read a few books in English at home daily, but stick to your native language for the most part is my advice!

Palak said...

It's true. Few of my friends complain that their kids’ only reply in English not in their mother tongue. He loves books and we read to him in our language most of the time coz he loses his interest if we start reading in English. Only thing bothers me is that he really wants to communicate/play with the other kids but due to language he cannot fully engage himself in social act with others. I just don't want him to lose his confidence at young age.