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Monday, April 11

Let's Teach Together: The ABCs

Ok parents. We all know how hard it is to try and teach our kids everything we want to because of well, life! You have more than one kid or your house is dirty or you need to go to the gym or you work full time...lots of not valid, but real excuses! Maybe you have the best intentions, but you get overwhelmed with trying to teach your child ALL the letters or ALL the colors at once.

This is what I do at home and I thought you may all like to join me as we are just starting over!

I do a letter a week. I go in alphabetical order and then start over. I have these super cute Nerdy Baby ABC Flashcards for Very Young Scientists that I use along with your standard magnet alphabet letters. You can by nice ones like Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet or the cheap ones from your local Dollar Store (just don't let your younger children play with the cheap ones because they have exposed tiny magnets in the back that can pop out and be a chocking hazard).

This is how you do it. Monday morning you show your child/ren the flashcard and letter of the week. Tell them the letter and have them repeat. Say a few nouns that start with the letter (think airplane instead of amazing...much easier for young children to understand nouns, parents). Put it on the fridge and continue your life. Every morning point out and say the letter. Every time you see that letter (ok, maybe not every time) throughout the week on a sign you are walking by or in a book you read, point it out.

Next week, go onto the next letter and so on.

No child is too young for this. You read to your newborn, may as well engage them more by pointing out some letters...plus it might keep the new, first time mom from going as insane! If your child is older, consider adding a vocabulary word or a multiplication family (think 2 x 1, 2 x 2, 2 x 3 etc).

Teaching your child in this non forceful, no stress manner will give your child the knowledge they need to succeed and the confidence they need to thrive without the pressure to preform. It is the least we can do for our children.


Small Kucing said...

very helpful

Palak said...

Sounds like introducing a creative learning concept with fun. Thanks for sharing!!

Lacey said...

You were reading my mind. I know I have to get on this a little more. Already have the flash cards and the letters, but buying them and working at it are two different things. Have yo done any sign language with your kids?

bubbi and boo said...

Lacey, I haven't done much sign language with the kids. I got certified in college and always intended to do Baby Signs, but I just didn't make time to do it when the kids were babies. I know I should still do it, but I don't plan on it anytime soon!