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Friday, April 15

Mickey and Minnie Party: Candle Holders

As you know, I am busting my booty on planning my kids a fantastic Mickey and Minnie party for their second and third birthdays in May. However, I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

Here are the cutest candle holders ever that I wanted to buy, but couldn't see paying nearly $30 for two with shipping. They are from Hands 2 Design.

So I tried to make my own from Playdough. The turned out super cute (I know the photo quality sucks...camera phone, ok?).

However, they dried like this even though I followed instructions on how to dry playdough out without it cracking (totally B.S.)...

So I bought some awesome Crayola Model Magic Deluxe Variety Pack and tried again.

 I used cut toothpicks to hold the balls together and hot glued a hand-tied bow to an additional toothpick for Minnie's bow.

Playdough is much easier to work with and looked much better before it dried. The Model Magic was much harder to roll into smooth perfect balls and it got a bit smooshed when drying from its own weight. I think I like them....if I decide I don't like the new ones, I'll make playdough ones last minute and just use them wet! God knows Bubbi has eaten her share of playdough and lived to tell the tale!


Meghan Gibbens said...

Can I commission you to make elmo ones for me?

Alissa M. said...

Next time, try using fondant. You know, the stuff they put on cakes! My friend and I made a bunch of fondant animals for a Noah's Arch cake a few months back. They turned out great and stayed that way!

bubbi and boo said...

Meghan - u buy the supplies and bring them to me and i'll try! but i'm sure you could make it!

Alissa - Great idea! Drr! I might buy some black fondant just before the big day and try it

Small Kucing said...

Cute. Must not let my son see this else he will pester me for it

Lesli said...

That is so cute! I love Disney!

Hello I am from your blog buddy group!

Please feel free to stop by: Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink

Lesli :D

Lacey said...

Don't forget a 40% off coupon to Micheal's for the fondant. Stuff is easy. You can buy it now and it will stay good till May. If you open it (to try it out)make sure and wrap it back up very tight with plastic wrap. No need to refrigerate it. In fact don't not sure what this will do to it. You could use it hard/dried or soft. If you want it shinny you could use spray frosting color.

ifs ands butts said...

Hi Ramona! So excited about our new blog group, but I never got the email! Do you mind forwarding it to me? Ifsandsandbutts@gmail.com. Can't wait to get everything started, already love your blog!

Jess said...

Hey Ramona! I love your blog!! Another option for the candle holders is fimo clay. You can get it at Michael's or a craft store. Super cheap and then you just bake it for a little bit and it stays teh way you want it to stay!

Zenifer Dsouza said...

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Helena Lima said...
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Helena Lima said...

Hi Ramona,

My name is Helena Lima and you created your mickey and Minnie candle based on my listing on Etsy.
I just want to let you know that I LOVED your candles they came out really really cute and I would like to ask you for permission on creating a new set just like yours, what do you say??
Also based on your posting I realize I’m probably loosing sales because of my shipping charge...... All my listing have shipping as priority mail because my first orders my clients needed the items ASAP the 2 to 3 shipping time seems to be the best one as a choose but i just realize that I can have my shipping as first class what will bring the shipping cost at least 1/2 way down and then have an expedite listing just to add the difference to make it as priority.
So I really thank you for liking my work to the point where you went to all this to make the candles and after posting it all on your blog.
Your party was just FABULOUS......... I love Mickey and Minnie theme as Birthday Party and yours is so adorable.
You can see some more of my work at
Sorry about my broken English. Hope you do understand it.
Good Job love your blog…….I’m a FAN already.
Thank you,
Helena Lima