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Thursday, April 7

Preschool: How I chose Boo's

First of all, sorry if this post looks like crap - the program is being lame and won't save my spacing on some browers...WTF?

Being a stay at home mom, I decided pretty early on that I would most likely have Boo start at an at home preschool. I thought being at a home over a large "scary" center would be an easier transition for him. However, I didn't really like the idea of the "school" being someones living room.

Since Boo was born I have been on the lookout for an awesome preschool. I went to a local preschool fair before he was two. I met tons of teachers in one place and was quickly able to knock several "options" off the list after just a few minutes talking with some of the teachers (you feel that way? scratch. cold hearted bitch? scratch.).
But I left the place even more confused when I got there. How could there possibly be over 30 preschools within 20 miles of my house in such a suburban area? WTF?

So I toured one or two and just kept my eyes and ears open. At one point I started asking every parent who toted a child who looked about preschool age where they sent their child for preschool. Most were very casual in sharing their preschools.

Then one day I asked a victim at Bouncetown. Her eyes lit up as she gushed about a local preschool where her daughter was going. She gave me all the info and demanded I at least go check it out. Why hadn't I heard of her/the school? Well, she doesn't need to advertise because she fills up solely on referrals!

I checked out their website and had an hour long conversation with the director/teacher that night (oh yes, I am that mom).

The school was an entirely separate addition to her home (omg! a home preschool not in someones living room...love!). The director was the head teacher with one assistant who had been with her for several years (not too into the director not actually being the teacher like at the larger schools...makes me think of them like a used car salesman). Her focus was on play and socialization with just enough educational aspects to be prepared for kindergarten (no specific title like montessori or reggio ). Basically, MY WET DREAM!

The catch? There was already a long waiting list even though Boo wasn't two yet (she only takes 12 three year olds on tue/thur and 12 four year old onm/w/f)! BUT, she said many were siblings from students who didn't get in prior years. CRAP! Ok, so I put both kids on the waiting lists for their years and well, waited.

I checked out a few other preschools and found a great second option. However, I didn't think I was going to send him at three to this one...just wait until he was four and then start him as it is a larger center.

FINALLY Boo got in! I took Boo to tour the place and my second choice, the larger center. He told me how he liked "the big house school better" so we signed him up and haven't looked back. We are all super excited for him to start in August. And yes, Bubbi got in for her year.


Yellzer said...

It's so important to find a school you just click with. E started going to the place he's at now when I went back to work at just 14 weeks old...:(. But we had looked at a few, went back and forth, were about to sign him up with another place. Then as a weird happenstance I took another route home from running errands and stumbled on to the place he's at. I called and liked the phone interview so much daddy and I took the tour the very next day. We were in love from the moment we walked in the door. The rest is history.

Palak said...

Thanks for sharing your research on pre-school. When you get more time please share some of your thoughts/experiences on differences you found in the different pre-school you visited. Any thoughts on Montessori vs. other big pre-school? I came across really good article on free-play based preschool vs structured preschool/school. Let me see if I can find it to share.