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Thursday, April 7

Coupon Code & Review: Tiny Toppings!

Check out this ADORABLE hat from Tiny Toppings Bubbi's modeling! Tiny Toppings is offering my readers
twenty percent off!!! Just use the coupon code BUBBIANDBOO20 when checking out of her etsy site. Hurry as it is only good for the month of April.

These are super cute for spring and cooler summer nights by the beach or bay (I don't live by one, but I hope we are going to Monterrey in August and spending a weekend in San Francisco in July - both get cold at night year round). Plus they make great newborn gifts as those little munchkins need a hat the first few weeks no matter how warm...and they make for cute pics! Also keep your eye out for girls clippies soon.

 She can custom make the size for any you see as well, so keep that in mind when your browsing her adorable goods. Be sure to like Tiny Toppings facebook page and tell her Bubbi and Boo sent you!

I hope to post some pictures of your little ones wearing her hats for Wordless Wednesday next month so be sure and submit them to me at ramonaselman@yahoo.com and put "tiny toppings" in the subject.

These are just a few pictures taken at home, but she'll be doing a professional shoot in the next few weeks.

And in case my links don't work (because I'm a stay at home mom, not a computer geek), here are the links to Tiny Topping on Facebook and Etsy.


Carly said...

Awesome! Thanks for the shout out!
Tiny Toppings

lisa said...


Anonymous said...

The pics turned out great! Great write up too!! Elyse