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Sunday, June 5

Public Discipline: A must

I just read a fantastic article at http://weidknecht.blogspot.com/2011/06/disciplining-children-in-public.html regarding disciplining children in public. It has inspired me to write this post. So here it goes.

Parents, you MUST discipline your kids in public. It is not an option. Children must know good behavior is an all places, at all times requirement.

So you think you'll get the police called on you for your public discipline? Well, if you are ashamed to do your at home discipline in public, you should probably rethink your at home ways.

Just a few weeks ago Boo was out to get me. Anything he could do to piss me off was on his to do list. Of course, I couldn't stay home until he got out of his funk. So we went to the doctor's office as planned.

While in line, Boo decided to pull over the things that make the line...and almost hit an older man with a cane. OH HELL NO YOU DIDN'T! I told him very firmly to stop and that if he did it again he would go on time out.

I know what your thinking. Time out? In a doctor's office? What the hell else am I going to do? Threaten to leave? Then he gets what he wants and I need to reschedule and redo this lame fiasco. No way!

To no surprise, Boo went straight back to doing it. I told him firmly he was on time out and tossed his sorry butt in the corner and then got back into line. The little snot screamed bloody murder the whole two minutes.

Yes, I was mortified. Yes, some people stared at me. Half the people probably thought, "good job mom" while the others were shouting curse words in the mind while chanting, "shut that kid up."

Two minutes was up. Boo apologized and stood by me like an angel until we left. Oh yeah, who's the boss, bitch?!? MOM!!

Kids need to know how to behave and who is in charge be it at home or in public. My kids know how to behave and the consequences.

Does that make them follow rules all the time? No (don't I wish). Does it set a good  standard and healthy base for my kids as they grow up? You bet ya!


Chris said...

I saw your comment about this situation in the other blogs comments section, and I just have to say: "Way to go, Mom!"

Small Kucing said...

That's the way to do it!


lisa said...

Good job Mona!