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Tuesday, May 24

Review: Macaroni Kid (Folsom - El Dorado Hills)

THE best site EVER found me, Folsom-El Dorado Hills: Macaroni Kid!

How many times have you missed an awesome community event because you had no freaking clue it even existed? Instead you and your kids were locked in the house with a bucket of ice cream and finger paint...lots of flipping messy finger paint.

Now you can save the calories and the mess!!! Macorni Kid is an free, weekly email newsletter and website with all the local happenings for kids including an easy guide to free library story times, when and where kids eat free, open play and various special events your local community is having any given week.

I feaking LOVE it! Just found out my local shopping area has "Town Center Tuesdays" where the theater only charges $5 to get in and $2 for popcorn. Several other little stores and resturants have special deal on these "Town Center Tuesdays" as well. WTF? Why didn't I know this?

I also found out a local sports club (fancy name for gym) is having a "Splash Into Summer" event open to the public with swimming, inflatables, games and food. AND...admission is free!! Just pay for games and food etc. Hello! I have nothing better to do on a Friday with my kids (go back to eating a bucket of ice cream and finger paint), do you?

So be sure and find your local Macaroni Kid at http://national.macaronikid.com/ and sign up (to keep your ass from getting fat and your house from getting trashed)!


Steph said...

great idea!!!!

Small Kucing said...

Ya...I missed out a lot too. Over here we can join those bloggers events. Some are for family.

Coming from VB

Have a nice day

kathy (http://www.smallkucing.com/)

Joyce Shulman said...

Thank you so much for sharing some Macaroni love!!