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If you're looking for me to brag about how cute my kids are (which they are) or talk about how much weight I did or didn't lose this week, you are in the wrong place! I have a Facebook account for that. This blog is about the blunt truths of parenting, tips and tricks of the trade, some addicting mommy junk and all the other disgusting hilarity that ensues when you have kids...especially two kids only 12 months apart like myself.

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Saturday, July 23

Just Call CPS: Unknown Amounts of Unknown Pills

Frst of all, sorry for my abesense. Family drama has brought me to and from Arizon (a two hour flight costing just over $600 round trip when bought last minute) TWICE in the past week.

Anywho, as my life has been too insane to even blog lately, it hasn't got any less, well, exciting and f-ing dramatic.

So I'm on the phone fighting with my husband (yay) and Bubbi is in my master bathroom in my site...ok, well I wasn't staring at her but I could see her if I actually pointed my eyes in her direction. My house is pretty darn baby proof because I can't be a hawk (be it having two young kids or my failure as a mother...your call).

Bubbi was right next to an "empty" suitcase that I had emptied myself. I borrowed it from my mother.

Scream! I run over and Bubbi is screaming and spitting out white stuff.

"What did you eat!?!?!?!"
Bubbi runs over and hands me two pieces of a slightly chewed up pill. I scream for my mom and she runs downstairs. I run for the phone and the fridge to call Poison Control (though at this point I really should memorize the number or just add it to speed dial). MOTHER F-ER MAGNET IS GONE!

Ok, stay calm. I get the number off the Internet and call. I tell them what I know, which isn't much.

"Yes...she's 2...um, my mom says she thinks the pill she spit out was Paxil....ok, good to know Paxil isn't bad...what else? Not sure they would be my mom's....MOM! What else could have been in there!??"

My mom walks up with two more pills she found loose in the suitcase. Heart meds. I tell the lady on the phone and tell her my mom has a long list of what else could have been in there. She says get to the closest ER so I run to find my keys.

GONE. No keys because I have no car. Let a friend borrow it.

F ME! Have to call said husband I was just on the phone arguing with. He shows up in minutes (piiiiiissed off). We head to the ER.

After four hours of observation, it turns out she didn't eat anything and the pill she did slightly chew was indeed "harmless" Paxil. Awesome.

Bubbi was a champ getting her vitals checked every thirty minutes until 10 pm. 

We started to get bored. She was obviously fine, but we were not leaving until the doctor was sure she was ok.

Now getting really bored...playing with the foam hand sanitizer.... 

The last thirty minutes before they let us go, we wandered the halls to stop her from bouncing off the walls. Here she found an almost dead beetle. Very exciting.


Palak said...

I am so glad that Layla is ok. Don't forget to call or knock on the door of ur neighbour anytime in future if help need :-)

pilyapearl said...

when my sister and i were young we got into a bottle of triaminic and between us drank the whole thing in one sitting. mom panicked but all that happened was that the two of us were knocked out cold for the rest of the day. i always claim that triaminic was my gateway drug. . .

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

sheesh! how terrifying for you! i'm glad everything turned out to be 'harmless.'

Small Kucing said...

Am glad she is okay. I have to be more careful with my meds too.


Anonymous said...

I know what happened isn't funny---but you're a funny story-teller!
You really need to keep all of these posts to give them one day when they have their own children!

lisa said...

glad she is ok! love how you can make something so not funny, well, funny!

NovemberSunflower said...

That is such a fear of mine with my kids. I avoided a huge poison control moment last year. We were going to do an overnight stay at a local hotel for the kids' November birthdays. My husband left his TUMS bottle on the counter to pack up later that evening after he got home from work. I didn't know he left it out, normally all our meds are locked away.
Next thing I know, my son comes out with his bowl full of them and he's got some kind of foaminess streaming from the corners of his mouth. HE ATE THEM. Which didn't surprise me, since they do smell and taste a lot like candy. I shot to the phone and called my pediatrician, because I sort of knew there wasn't any kind of poisoning issue, but i wanted to know if I should be more worried.
Doctor said he'd be fine and his stomach would be very well balanced. Just keep an eye on him and his bathroom behavior (meaning his SH*T). Well, it did come out with colored chalking stuff!
What a nightmare and the last time my husband left ANY type of medication out on the bathroom counter.
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