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Monday, August 8

Ditching a twin

Boo is starting preschool NEXT WEEK and I am starting to FREAK OUT! The large majority of my anxiety is of course that my baby, my first baby, is starting school. This is the beginning of the rest of his life without me. Yes dramatic, but you cannot say it isn't true.

Back to the subject at hand. So now that Boo will be going to school twice a week, Bubbi will be in sorts left behind. Yes, I know this is a great time to spend some good regular one on one time with her for the first time. This is going to be a good thing...eventually.

However, it is going to suck.

Bubbi has had Boo figuratively up her ass since the day she was born. The eight times (yes, I know exactly how many times) she has been separated from Boo have been somewhat stressful for her.

One time poor Bubbi had to stay home while Boo got to go to a baseball game with grammy and papa. THE ENTIRE FIVE HOURS were spent randomly asking about him and confirming he would be coming home.
The next time mommy and Bubbi had a girls day while Boo and daddy had a boys day. We're enjoying lunch and all she can do is confirm that we'll see Boo when we go home.

Six more times, same situations. You get the point. And beyond asking for him, she acts completely different. In some aspects, she's great. She listens and behaves like a freaking ANGEL (I know...Bubbi an angel?). In other aspects, not so great. She is a shy, timid little flower. That's fine and all if a kid is a shy, timid flower...Bubbi is not and never has been. Without him she looses her self esteem or something. It is really quite sad to watch.

So as preschool begins, so does a new era for Bubbi...the ditched Irish twin. This is a good thing for her, it is just going to be a very defining period in her little life thus far....and mommy's....and Boo's. I hate change.


Susan said...

awww. Best of luck w the new adventure -
I'm sure you and your sweet girl will enjoy the 1x1 time.

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

that's so sweet that they are so close... aw this really made me smile. http://www.homesandbabies.com

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

owsley has been looking everywhere for gage today. i took some clean laundry up to gage's room, and owsley was SO excited, because his brother must have been hiding in his room all day! imagine his disappointment when we walked into an empty room. :-/

on the bright side, i have gotten SO MUCH accomplished today.

NotSoSilentMommy said...

I'm going through the exact same thing right now..
My little one starts school in September and I have no idea how my little on is going to react..
She doesn't even like when she gets up from her nap before her older sister...
My heart breaks right now thinking about it, and although I know that they will both be fine, its just so weird to think about...
Good luck!!

Kristina said...

Oh dear - hopefully it will work out and each will settle into their own routines (on their own). My son also misses his big sister when she goes out... but now he's realised it's a great chance for him to play with all her stuff:)
Visiting from vB,

Small Kucing said...

I dread when my son starts school next year. Wonder what would happen.


Anonymous said...

Two years ago my oldest started Kindergarten. He insisted on riding the bus the very first day of school. That was so hard for me to do. I wanted to take him to class, to get that first day of school photo for my scrapbook, and to meet all his friends. But my husband wanted me to encourage our sons independence and so I let him ride the bus. My middle child had a tough time that first week while his brother was at school. We kept asking when we could go pick him up. He wanted his buddy to play with. But now he realizes that he gets to do different things and that he gets more attention when big brother is at school. Good luck with the new adventure. I am sure it will be an adjustment for all but every will work out fine and you will love the new schedule.

True Identity said...

First days of school are always nerve wrecking for everyone involved, but for the most part, everything turns out great. When my first born went to school for the first time, I cried. When my second daughter when to school for the first time, I cried. Sometimes it is more traumatic for the parent LOL. It is interesting how your little girl changes personality when she's without her brother. My youngest daughter is like that. At home she's such an extroverted, dramatic, expressive little girl and if you could only see her face, the way she talks and moves her hands and her eyes and that smile. But take her out of the house into the world and with anyone who is not her immediate family and she turns into this shy girl who does not make eye contact, she does not smile, she does not say hi, or bye, nothing. Just hides behind mommy. Hopefully this is all temporary and their true personalities will shine at all times.
Following you from Voiceboks Members2Remember from cocoons2butterflies.blogspot.com

GJT said...

Poor sweetie...I'm sure this will be a strange and tough time for her. But I'm also sure that after a while, she'll really start to enjoy time without her bro. How's the boy dealing with starting school? Excited? Apprehensive?

Gina from vB

Ramona said...

Boo is mostly excited about school. Additionally, he does fine without the little sis. So glad other people have this same "issue" with their younger ones!!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Change sucks...fo-sure! I have twins so the seperation thing is not going to happen quite the same way but I am sure as they get older I will have to deal with some of this stuff too. Like you...I hate change! :(

Who knows, maybe she'll really surprise you and everything will be PER-fect! You can always dream right?!?! LOL!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

"clicked" over from VB! Now following!

About A Mom said...

Hi! New GFC follower from VB. It is so difficult to see our little ones grow up. I would love for you to stop by http://aboutamom.com when you get a chance.